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Our Magic Planners know your time is valuable, making it difficult to plan out your travels. Here at Destinations with the Magic, we provide you the white-glove ConciEAR treatment and give you the best experience by taking the headache out of planning your perfect vacation.

Our travel suppliers are carefully selected so that you are sure to have a Magical vacation. We have helped our guests travel all over the world. If you’re looking for an European Adventure vacation you’re in luck! We have extensive experience with adventure vacations, especially for families, and special connections that will ensure you have a great trip. 

Destinations with the Magic can serve as your online travel agent and support you from anywhere. We also have Magic Planners throughout the USA. All of the necessary forms and correspondence can be done online so you don’t need to plan to have to meet in person our Magic Planner can arrange online video  meeting at your convenience. Whether you’re looking to travel to a special destination or wanting to create a special experience, Destinations with the Magic will provide the best service for you, and connect you with some of the best amenities in the world.

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