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All About Vacation with the Magic

Welcome to Vacation With The Magic, LLC™ a Disney vacation planning service that offers meticulously-planned Disney resort and cruise vacations. Our Disney vacation planners’ unrivaled knowledge of our preferred tour companies and cruise lines can only be matched by their passion for delivering to you our “White-Paw Service”.

Destinations with the Magic, Honeymoon with the Magic, Cruise With the Magic and Luxury with the Magic are all dba’s of Vacation with the Magic, LLC.

Vacation With The Magic™ is a refreshing departure from traditional travel agencies that operate with an “order-taker” mentality, expecting clients to already know exactly what they want before they even make the first phone call.

We consider it our responsibility to know everything about the tour companies and cruise lines we represent; not yours. And we’re committed to personalizing a completely unique vacation experience that surpasses every expectation, for each of our clients.

Gordon F LaGrow, General ManagerVacation With The Magic™ is the creation of Gordon LaGrow, a 52-year travel industry veteran who has traveled throughout the world with multiple disabilities. His intimate knowledge of global travel including air transportation, rail, cruises, and group tours, and his expertise as a Disability Advocate, has established Gordon as a leading expert on accessible vacations. Gordon has been featured quoted and on local ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News, and CNN networks, as an authority on accessible travel and for his volunteer work with the disabled.

Gordon has a keen understanding of what separates a good vacation from an exceptional one. And it’s all in the details. All too often, so-called “travel consultants” do very little to actually consult with their clients, but rather act as order takers who simply have clients tell them what they want and then books the trip for them. Gordon and his team will work closely with you to ensure all of your vacation requirements are met. Vacation With The Magic™ will work diligently to advise you on all aspects of your vacation, down to the tiniest detail, until your vacation fits you perfectly. Vacation With The Magic™ is committed to your perfect vacation.

Vacation with the Magic, an Authorized Disney Vacation PlannerVacation With The Magic™ originated from a desire to offer his clients an outstanding option to those who want an exceptional and unforgettable vacation. Gordon has assembled a team of service enthusiasts whose knowledge of and passion for Disney tour and cruise vacations planning is undisputed.

Vacation With The Magic™ is an active member and bonded by the Cruise Line International Association and a member of Travel Leaders Network, an exclusive travel network of the world’s finest travel agencies. Vacation With The Magic™ is an active advocate for multiple disability organizations.

What Can We Add To Your Vacation Experience?

Our Magic Planners are the best at what they do. Rather than trying to learn a little bit about the whole world, our Specialists immerse themselves in their destination or special interest, visiting the places they sell, working on continuing education programs with the tourism bureaus and the Travel Institute. Quite simply, we know our stuff:

  • Our Disney Specialist are often found at one of the Disney Destinations, taking notes, posting videos and experiencing the Magic first hand. Disney offers our staff extensive training throughout their visits.
  • Our Honeymoon Specialists have a database of the most romantic resorts, hotels and inns around the world to make sure that your first trip as a married couple is as magical as the wedding itself.
  • Our Italy Specialist knows Italy; our Fiji Specialist knows Fiji; our China Specialist knows China, and on and on…

The difference between a good vacation and an exceptional one lies in the details. The vacation planners at Vacation With The Magic™ constantly scrutinize your vacation plans with a fine-tooth comb to ensure that even the subtlest of details have been addressed. This results in a flawless vacation for you and your family.

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You CAN do it… and we’re here to help!

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